Your change-maker family’s journey to live with intention
& serve others daily


Celebrate the talents, skills, and love that you and your children offer


Understand and identify global issues and local opportunities


Design intentional opportunities for service & daily impact

Welcome Change-maker Families!

You’ve found your tribe here—it’s cool to be kind. We equip families to find ways to serve their neighbors & become global citizens today.

Discover the connection between your beliefs and actions.

Three fun & easy activities to engage in deeper conversation for intentional service.

A birthday can be more than presents… celebrate the gift of YOU and what you care about.

Use this list of 31 ideas to intentionally spread kindness.

Build your children’s capacity for empathy by celebrating their siblings.

Your change-maker family can get informed and inspired to make a difference.

Your change-maker family can find easy, intentional ways to weave service into daily life.

Get ideas to facilitate deeper thinking and a page that can be used for written reflections.

Find creative ways to learn about issues and find ways to celebrate special days.

Find ways to inspire your family to “do ordinary things with great love.”

Discuss the change you wish to make and your motivation behind this intended action.

A creative resource to blend fun and making a difference.