📓 Resources are helpful.
Articles are interesting. Workshops are engaging. But,

people learn best by doing.

Perhaps you’ve thought…
I just want to talk with someone who can help me personally.” 🎯

I know you are highly motivated, and sometimes you may need someone to coach you or point you in a new direction. 🚀 No one wants to feel stuck in overwhelm, fear of making a mistake, or in confusion of how to actually take action. Or, it might be time to design a new opportunity for service that fits your family’s interests and community’s needs.

I would love to journey with you as you discover and find creative opportunities to make a difference! Reach out with your needs and I will offer a proposal to fit. It might look like a:

  • One-time Zoom call for brainstorming ideas for service
  • Series of calls for coaching your family to use Design Thinking to create a tailored plan for service
  • Ready for a career change, feeling stuck, or do you want to blend in more meaning into your work? I can provide coaching from several methods to help you gain traction on a goal or make a change in your current situation.
  • Creative decision-making process using an online interactive whiteboard at Mural.co.
  • Workshop or keynote for your organization or event.

What do I have to offer change-maker families?💡

🌏 I’m passionate about helping people of all ages find creative and meaningful ways to make a difference.

In addition to living in four foreign countries and traveling to 30+ more,

  • I’ve worked in a variety of contexts and have experience in numerous projects and roles that enable me to coach change-maker families.  Like serving as a People to People youth ambassador, camp counselor, English (ESL) conversation teacher, curriculum writer, communications director, ethnographic researcher, China educational travel coordinator, service learning coordinator, workshop leader, executive coach, international education association director, NGO board member, and more. (I’ve been around for a while! 😆)
  • Basically, I am fascinated by how people learn, how people are creative, and how people grow and develop personally. I’ve earned a MS in Educational Psychology, which gives me insight into how people learn. I love finding creative ways to solve problems and to think in new ways. I’ve learned Design Thinking through trainings offered by Stanford University’s d.school and am a certified coach for Designing Your Life, which applies design thinking concepts to “build a well-lived and joyful life.” I am also a trained facilitator of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method and coach using the Immunity to Change®  methodology and The Developmental Sprint® approach, based on decades of research by Harvard professors Dr. Robert Kegan and Dr. Lisa Lahey.
  • I have worked in a variety of ministry contexts, which I would love to tell you about if you are interested! From camp counselor, youth work, school ministry, curriculum and media resources, executive leadership, workshops and conferences, and various projects in the US and abroad, I draw upon a wide range of experiences.

If you would like a guide on the side to help you, let’s start a conversation!

I love finding creative ways to make a difference! 🙌