Ancient Latin Inspiration for Modern Families

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There is inspiration all around us, even in a “dead language” like Latin. ✨In fact, there are many inspiring phrases that we use in our every-day language that can breathe new life into our thinking. Consider these sayings through the lens of a change-maker and bring intention to your daily activities.

👉 Here’s how to get started...

  • Read through the list of 10 Latin sayings below, and see how many phrases your children already know. Perhaps you are familiar with the English saying, but didn’t realize that it originated in Latin.
  • Introduce your children to the new Latin sayings.
  • Discuss the meaning and try using it in a sentence or think of a setting where you might hear it used or see it written.
  • Now, ask how the Latin phrase can be applied to making difference or showing kindness.
  • As a family, find out which phrase is the most inspiring to each person. What do you learn about each other’s motivations or points of view?
  • Now find a creative way to display and reflect on your favorite Latin phrase. Drawing a picture, creating a collage, making a sculpture, printing the phrase or writing in a journal are just a few ways to celebrate your inspiring quote.
  • You can each join in a Carpe Diem Challenge. Download the free handout to help you commit to making a positive action for change today!

Acta non verba Actions, not words

Amor omnia vincit Love conquers all

Bono malum superate Overcome evil with good 

Calamus gladio fortior  The pen is mightier than the sword 

Carpe diem Seize the day

Mea culpa My fault (apologize)

Non ducor, duco I am not led, I lead 

Nosce te ipsum Know thyself

Omne initium difficile est Every beginning is difficult 

Pro bono  For the good (in business, refers to services rendered at no charge)

Carpe Diem Challenge

More than 2000 years ago the Roman poet Horace penned the phrase “carpe diem.” For some, the idea of “seizing the day” can be misunderstood as a type of YOLO self-indulgence.

However, the deeper meaning lies in seeing that each day is a gift, and one that has opportunities to be cherished. Additionally, it is easy to procrastinate or assume that tomorrow will offer the same opportunities.

Has your family been talking about any acts of kindness or positive actions that you can take together as a family? Have you set a goal that hasn’t been realized yet? Has your child mentioned a problem that needs fixing?

Don’t wait until tomorrow… carpe diem!

Make it a fun challenge. Every person in your family can make a commitment to do one thing that benefits others. Make a plan and then do it, today! Take time to reflect on the activity and share what happened. You can make any day a carpe diem day!

Share in the comments section about your family’s Carpe Diem Challenge. Your actions can inspire others! ✨

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