Making a Difference All Year Long

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Never fear, being a change-maker family won’t add extra to-dos to your life. In reality, it’s about the intention, focus, and purpose that you are placing in everyday life. You are already infusing your values into the choices you make. It feels great to live congruently—seeing the impact of what you care about. And, it’s fun! 🙌

If you love new ideas, like I do, then here’s a smattering of ways that you can bring some more change-maker seasoning to days and celebrations. 🎉 We hope to grow this list, so, please comment below with YOUR change-maker family ideas. (We know this is not a comprehensive list.) There are many holidays, traditions, and celebrations from around the world that we would love ❤ to add to the list of ideas.

🎉 Share your change-maker family ideas in the comment section at the end of the article.

🎂 Birthdays—There are so many ways to celebrate the life of a loved one or friend and the many ways that he or she makes the world a better place. Honor the interests and passions of the birthday-person in the party, through a written note, donation to a favorite project, or many other ways. Let us know how you celebrate the change-makers in your family!

🌾 Thanksgiving & Harvest Celebrations—Consider new ways in which your family can share the bounty of a harvest or food celebration with others. Brainstorm ways in which you can help end hunger and food instability (SDG 2 “Zero Hunger”) in your local area. How can you help others experience joy on this holiday?

🦋 Faith Celebrations—How do change-maker families weave in service to others in holy days? We would love to compile a list of how change-maker families live out love for others and make a difference on special celebration days.


January 1: 🎉 Start of the New Year & Global Family Day—Take some time to think about the year ahead and set a combined family goal or resolution. 🚀

January 4: World Braille Day—Learn more about blindness and vision impairments. Explore the history of Braille literacy look for evidence in your community for how people with visual impairments are served.

January 24: International Day of Education—If you can read this, thank a teacher! 📚Learn more about SDG 4 “Quality Education” and brainstorm how you can help end the cycle of poverty for someone through the opportunity of education.


February 4: World Cancer Day—Reach out today, in love, to someone who is battling cancer, has overcome cancer, or to someone who has lost a loved one to cancer. 🎗

February 11: International Day of Women and Girls in Science—Celebrate STEM women in your area. 🔬Learn about their achievements and the benefits that their research, discoveries, innovation, or work has impacted your community.


March 8: International Women’s Day—Search the news and find out how this international holiday, recognizing contributions of women, is celebrated around the world.

March 20: International Day of Happiness—Wow! How will you celebrate today? 😀

March 22: World Water Day— Everyone can find ways to save water and appreciate access to clean water. 🌊 Check out SDG 6 “Clean Water and Sanitation” for more statistics and global facts.


April 22: Earth Day—Enjoy the beauty of nature, plant a garden or step up your recycling efforts. 🌱 Visit a National Park, or any activity to appreciate our planet and be a good steward of our natural resources. ♻

April 25: World Malaria Day—This mosquito-borne illness can especially be deadly to children. Learn about the global effort to stamp out this preventable disease.


May 3: International Energy Day—Explore how your family can conserve energy. Make choices daily for stewardship of resources. 💡

May 8: World Red Cross Day—The Red Cross operates in countries all over the world bringing humanitarian help in crisis. 🏥 Check out health and safety courses that you can take to bring first aid care.


June 14: World Blood Donor Day—Blood donors save lives! While kids are not eligible to donate, they can learn about the importance of donations and find ways to thank donors.

June 17: World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought—Check out the risks for drought and desertification in your area. 🌱 What small things could be done to prevent wind and water erosion.


July 30: International Day of Friendship—The UN named this day in 2011 promoting “friendship between peoples, countries, cultures and individuals can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities.” Tell us how you celebrate friendship! You can connect with other change-maker families in the Change-maker Family Membership Community here.


August 15: Thrift Shop Day—Second-hand shopping reduces waste and saves money on purchases. 🏷 Donate good-quality items to a shop that is a charitable organization in your community.

Third Saturday in August: International Geocaching Day—Have fun “treasure hunting” outdoors via GPS and leave a message of hope and kindness in the geocache logbook.

August 19: World Photography Day—“Share your world with the world” today. 📷 Share your photo with other change-maker families on this site.


September 21: International Day of Peace—What would a recipe for Peace look like? What ingredients bring peace? 🕊

September 23: International Day of Sign Languages—Did you know that there are more than 300 different sign languages worldwide? Learn some simple signs so that you can better communicate with deaf or hearing-impaired people in your community.

September 29: International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste—Yeah for meals of left-overs! Host a left-overs pot-luck dinner with friends. Share food with others and try composting for food waste.

Did you know that there are more than 300 different sign languages worldwide?


October 1: International Day of Older Persons—Connect with an older person in your family or neighborhood. 🌈Ask him or her to talk about a time when he/she made a difference. Find a special way to show care and appreciation.

October 6: World Wildlife Day—Learn more about your ecosystem. 🦉What is your favorite local plant and animal? Find ways to support local conservation efforts.

October 15: Global Handwashing Day—How many times have you properly washed your hands today? What can you do to promote this important health habit? 💦


November 15: World Kindness Day—Have you downloaded your FREE resource ⭐ 31 ideas for inspiring kindness ⭐?

November 19: World Toilet Day—Around the world, millions of people do not have access to sanitary toilets. 🚽 Appreciate the sanitary conditions that you have in your home. Learn more and raise awareness about this critical infrastructure.

November 20: World Children’s Day—How can you celebrate kids around the world? 🎉 Share your ideas with more change-maker families! Let’s make it a global party!


December 10: Nobel Prize Day—Learn about the life of a Nobel Peace Prize recipient. 🏅What inspires you about his or her life story and impact?

December 25: Christmas—Joy to the World! 🌍

You know a sports team fan when you spot one —it’s the person wearing the T-shirt, sporting the cap, displaying the bumper sticker, or flying the pennant from the van window. It’s the same with a change-maker family. 🌟 You wear your care for others, your stewardship of the environment, and your worldview for peace and justice in all that you do. We celebrate your inspiring involvement, all year long!

Use the comment box below to tell us your own change-maker family ideas! If you want some personalized help finding creative ways to make a difference, I can help! 💫

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